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Get detailed feedback suggestions and/or in-depth comments (250 words or more) from one of Memoir Magazine's main editors within twenty one days. Find out what can make your work stand out and become stronger. IN ONE FILE: Submit up to 3 stories or 3000 words of prose to be considered for future issues of the magazine. 

Submissions are not guaranteed publication, but are welcome to be resubmitted in the regular categories following revision. 


  "Thank you for your wonderful weigh-in on my piece. You won’t believe how thrilled I am to finally get some guidance on it! I’ve shopped it around for a couple of years now and have gotten a lot of, “It’s great, but not for us.” Your comments opened my eyes about it and I’m going to use your suggestions to overhaul it and re-submit. And your instinct was correct. It was a longer piece that I cut down."   —HP

"Wow is all I have at the moment. I read your email about five minutes after its arrival but had to gather my thoughts before responding. Two of these pieces have gone through so many iterations (including possible incineration) that I think I submitted them in a brain fog. I concur with your comments and would like a chance to tidy up a couple of other things before sending them back your way.

Thanks again for all of your amazing feedback; I'm still reeling from it."   —S.

"Thank you so much for your feedback; I have taken the introduction, made suggested revisions, and resubmitted the piece on (e.t.) as a stand alone essay. I am so thankful for your suggestions and time."      —S.B.

"Thank you, MM. I appreciate your feedback (VERY helpful) and will integrate your suggestions into my re-write.

I absolutely will resubmit the piece, with your blessing. I feel like your journal would be a great fit for the piece.

 Thanks again! "     — S.P.

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